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360 derece axima da sanal gezinti



Virtual Reality

Real images of the head and the place is really true at the user-controlled monitor the systems for touristic purposes with glasses 360 ° video capture, processing, editing, software, hardware compatibility that arise in the study as a whole "virtual reality" is called virtual reality projects


Simulation Devices

EMITT with the distinction of being the world's first and the world's largest tourism fair in Istanbul, award and thank the work of the Berlin ITB trade fair, on foot, by car and parachute ride format developed software and hardware for the domestic and overseas exhibitions in Turkey, especially tanıtıtımları used.


Virtual Tour Bus

In July, will be delivered to the governor of Manisa, Bus embodiment of the 360 ° head-controlled study of virtual reality glasses will be the first project using the live guide control of passengers, space, virtual tours in the city actually made ??oradaymışcasına, the system can be transported desired effect


What is a Virtual Tour?

Virtual Tour (Virtual Tour) With panoramic pictures give the impression of three-dimensional image on the computer game oynarcasına spectators gezebilmesini system that provides 360 ° in space, and all known flash-based multimedia infrastructure Utilizing sealed space is used arguments are telling a different technique ..




Brand Objectives

Research and development department produces our own industry firsts with the new technologies in this regard continuously monitored, and the company has managed to capture the
  Owned projects that aspire to gain customer satisfaction and customer relationship as a priority in favor of the result for the basic aims to ensure maximum benefit.



Integrated projects